Where I Am Now

June 2016

Dear, dear, Friends,

As I approach my 69th birthday in June, I frequently find myself reflecting upon my long and healthy life.  Self-improvement has always been a priority and so, having consciously grown myself up, I have earned an emotional freedom in my older years and that feels pretty darn good.  I’m currently enjoying a life that includes a husband and grown children that I can count on as good friends and several lovely grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  I have participated in my generations professional challenges at a worldly level and played my part in the ever changing scenes of our Now. I am satisfied with my lot.

My health is generally good, aside from an occasional bout of vertigo which keeps me homebound, and an aging and increasingly fragile body that I must keep adjusting to, I am happy.

The vertigo is benign and brought on by having my head down looking at things on the ground and on a table or any other surface where I have to look down a lot.  Consequently, I have had to give up weeding and a few of the gardening tasks that I normally do. The good news is that now I have a young man to help in my yard.


Rider-Waite-Smith deck, US Games copyright

At this time, I choose to live a quiet life with few distractions. However, my life isn’t dull. For example, one day my husband, Lewis, excitedly called for me to come outside and see something spectacular.  Once outside, I saw a large and very bright rainbow arching above the nearby open field by our home. It arched so high, that a small cloud hovered over the top of the rainbow. It was stunning. I live a symbolic life and so I checked my feelings to see if there was a symbolic correlation between my feeling and the physical rainbow.  Sure enough, the rainbow matched feelings of being blessed to have this quiet time of peace and wonder. With this magical event, the 10 of cups Tarot card came to mind.
Life is truly amazing.

My books “Messages from the Archetypes”, “Gaining Archetypal Vision” continue to sell well and I use them as texts for my Archetypal Tarot Counseling™ courses as I still accept a few students. My newest book, “Images of Our Time” is about my pioneering family and features 100 year old photos taken by my professional photographer grandmother. They can be purchased at www.tonigilbert.com.

Messages from the ArchetypesGaining Archetypal VisionImages of Our time







I’ve slowed my conference participation down and now attend two a year.  The first one will be the Rasani Fair. This holistic fair was created by Vicki Pruitt, to increase community awareness of alternative healthcare practitioners. Stop by my booth, October 15th  & 16th , 2016 in Albany, Oregon.  Also, I will also share a booth with Christine Payne Towler at the Northwest Tarot Symposium March 3rd through the 5th in 2017 at Portland, Oregon.

Breitenbush CabinLastly, my husband and I have decided to sell our Breitenbush cabin.  After fifteen years of loving and working our magic on our little cabin in the woods, it is time for us to let it go to others who will love and enjoy it as much. We will miss it but we also need to make some changes in the amount of physical responsibilities we have.  Time passes and things change.

Feel free to contact me about any of the information in this blog at toni@tonigilbert.com

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This and That…Again

By Toni Gilbert

Alrighty now, I sit to write a new blog post. It’s been a few months since I updated my meanderings. Sometimes I find my natal Mars in Taurus holds me back a little with its tendency toward gestation and contraction. It takes discipline to do most physical tasks as I tend to procrastinate. But then I am also surrounded by a constant swarm of family….of whom I love dearly. They are served first. But lest you think that I do too much, I must tell you that Lewis and I take pretty good care of our bodies and our minds. Our Spirit is served by taking the evenings and weekends off—for however we want to spend our time.

On the professional front, Portland’s Tarot Symposium came off with precision and perfection, thanks to Jay and Jadzia Deforest’s talents and co-efforts. lampThey are also launching an on-line/physical journal for Tarot, Lemonrand and other esoteric tools. Look for its launch on the web site: You can find the offering on a Facebook page entitled The Cartomancer. You can also find the magazine on the main page Northwest Tarot Symposium. The event was a professional 6 of Wands put on by the Emperor and the Queen of Wands. Well done folks, well done.

During the Symposium, Christine Payne Towler and I shared a booth and a room at the Monarch Hotel in Portland. We both presented a favorite topic having to do with Tarot. We had a superb time and met with a shared friend Bonnie Cehovet a well-known (in some circles) tarotist, author and writer. It was good to see James Wanless again. We usually see each other in passing like the proverbial ships in the night. I did purchase some baby Voyager decks at a really good price. Thank you James….It’s who ya know….. I saw a number of people I knew but didn’t get around to visit, maybe next time.

images-of-our-timeMy current book is done. The book is titled “Images of Our Time: A history and pictures of a pioneer family”. It features the photography of my grandmother, a pioneer teacher and professional photographer. This was a delightful project that spans 4 years. First, I had to restore the one-hundred year-old photographs on Photoshop. Then I wrote the text using information about my ancestors and how they lived. My cousin Lyle Curtis brought wonderful information to the table after years of researching the family tree. I feel closer to the grandparents by the study of their images, the feelings they must have had for each other, the events of their daily life on the homestead and their many trials. Ultimately, they met their challenges and endured…

Sacred Space Spiritual Center in Salem is having a Healing Solstice and yours truly has got dibs on a booth at the event. If you are in or near Salem, Oregon come on by and say hello. I will be giving sessions and you may be moved to partake. If you have an issue that you would like to explore at a deeper level, I’m may be the person you seek.

breitenbush-studentsThe natural scenery at Breitenbush was calling my name. Some of my students wanted to gather together up there and so, I met them for dinner the first night and visited with them one-on-one the next day. It is always interesting getting together with receptive souls…magic happens.

In October, I’ve signed on to do the RaSani Body Mind Spirit Holistic Fair in Albany Oregon. I will be presenting information about “Dream Interpretation” and will also have a booth where I will be doing sessions and selling my books: Messages from the Archetypes, Gaining Archetypal Vision, and Images of Our Time .

All in all, life is a banquet of sights, smells, and any number of delights for the senses. The inner life works its magic and weaves together hints of greater cosmic understanding and insights for us to better understand the workings of the world.

Time passes as morning becomes the afternoon, summer’s breezes flow through my office-temple. A dog barks in the distance…..It’s all good.

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Northwest Astrology & Tarot Salon 2014 Chronicle

The first NW Astrology & Tarot Salon was manifest on the material plane at Breitenbush Hot Springs during a wind storm and several inches of snow. Tarot CardsThroughout the year of planning and envisioning the finished product, I pressed on with my vision, passed multiple difficult draconian obstacles much like Ulysses in the Odyssey. In the end, because of my innate pioneering tenacity, the salon was saved from sinking into the abyss and we will have another in the future.

I’m satisfied with the salon event even if it wasn’t the way I had originally envisioned it. From the beginning, the salon has been a challenge to put together. In hindsight, I should have been more considerate of the difficult astrological projections for the year. The entire planning and implementing situations were reminiscent of the Tower card and its chaotic Pluto and Uranus archetypal energies. For example, people that wanted to come suddenly couldn’t right up to the very day of the event. Bonnie Cehovet couldn’t make it at the last minute but donated her cabin so others could….What a gal. We lost two more when the winds of the storm peaked. But, listening to my inner signals and watching the developing trends, I felt I must trudge forward through the pregnancy challenges if we were to birth this difficult baby for future participants.
Conversation Leaders

The remaining Conversation Leaders and participants gathered together each day of teaching and sharing. In the end, we all felt a sense of satisfaction of mission accomplished. Christine Payne-Towler led us through the astrology and Tarot history which informed us about the importance of both tools to our continuing growth in the area of esoteric arts. Robert Volkmann was a constant support to everyone and read others’ astrological charts, Karen Campbell showed the beginners in the group how to use Tarot cards in journaling, Mary Jo Wevers taught us all about the north and south nodes and how they indicate our life’s path with its challenges….learning what to let go of and what to keep. Alan Stein was another support person adding his insights to the group dynamic. Sara Judy took care of book and deck sales in her bookstore, took photographs and participated in our groups. Of course we wouldn’t have been anything without our participants who were truly receptive of the new, adding their ideas and opinions to the daily conversation circles. They ranged from pure beginners to experienced teachers, and whose energy and enthusiasm kept the exchange vivid and lively.

Breitenbush GroupChristine thought that the whole experience resembled a traditional one-room schoolhouse, where the more experienced tutored the new student, allowing the whole group to operate as a coherent learning organism despite our widely differing skill-sets.

The food was excellent. Tom Robinson, Alea Brager and the Breitenbush staff were responsive to every whim and fear. Many enjoyed the hot tubs, some got a massage and Robert announced that the “sauna was the best in the world.”

On personal note, the winds of the storm gave me the opportunity to practice communing with the weather. This is a practice that is noted in our collective history. Examples can be found in the Druid and Egyptian accounts as well as other traditions. I’ve been working with the weather for several years and am now sure that mystics through the ages have communicated and influence weather patterns. My pragmatic husband, Lewis, thinks so too as he has watched and been amazed many times.

During the Breitenbush salon experience the winds began gusting so strongly trees began breaking and falling into the foot paths and some fell on buildings. I knew that this was a dangerous time and so I began to commune with the archetypal weather pattern that I knew. When I communed to the weather pattern, giving him direction to calm down, the winds would stop for brief periods but wouldn’t stay that way.
NW Salon ExperienceDuring a break in the action at the salon, I went to my summer cabin where I wouldn’t be disturbed. On the way, I said to my friend the weather pattern, “What’s the deal? I asked you to calm down.” He communed back “I’m not the only one here.” Apparently, there were three other archetypal weather forces such as are present in the arctic.

Once in my cabin, I looked out at the tree tops and asked the weather to calm down again. As I asked, I felt the calm (that I was asking for) in my being. I could tell by the tree tops that, the communication helped and the winds would die down. However, every time I would begin thinking about something else, the wind would pick up again. This happened three times. I finally decided to be directive to all the weather patterns. Since the weather was obviously masculine, I said, “Boys! Take the winds up above the Breitenbush area and above the mountain side and above the Willamette Valley below us.” The winds stopped for longer periods of time. After giving directions three more times and finally adding an extra protective shield, they complied and took the winds higher up. It became calmer on the mountain. I felt safe and slept through the night.

However, I am a novice with the weather patterns. We woke up to several inches of snow the next morning. The night before, I asked for a light sprinkling but apparently I wasn’t speaking to the right weather pattern.

Overall, I believe we all enjoyed this community building adventure. We formed a caravan of our cars and safely made it to our homes in the valley. We will all remember this experience…. I am sure.

Note: All of next year, I will be working on my book “Images of Our Time” a book of my grandmother’s pioneer history and her photography. The next Northwest Astrology & Tarot Salon is planned for the “early” fall of 2016 when the weather is warmer.

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Northwest Astrology & Tarot Salon 2014

My dear friends,

I have been busy! But then, when you are the matriarch of a large family, you are busy most of the time.

In the midst of the family stuff, I did something for myself and created another event. The new salon is one of those self-care type things. I like to intellectually push boundaries, meet in small groups and have a quiet good time. My two favorite tools are astrology and Tarot cards and I have a love of the Pope and the Popess type people who are a part of the intuitive arts scene. Altogether, the salon is an expression of who I Am.

Toni GilbertAs an introverted hermit type, I have a fondness for quiet subdued environments. Because my Gemini archetype likes to talk and my quiet side wants to attend small friendly gatherings, I came to the conclusion that a salon is the perfect venue. As an inner journeyer, I have explored my core dimensions for over 40 years. I have friends who have also lived the hermit’s highly symbolic life and we compare notes. Our way of seeing is great fun. Some of my friends are participating in the salon. We want to share what we have learned over the years and the salon is a good way to do that.

As a transpersonal counselor, I like to have a full range of tools as options when in session. Tarot cards is but one of my tools, albeit a major one. I use the artful images on Tarot cards as an assessment tool at the beginning and for the major part of the counseling process. I also use astrology in counseling as an interpretation of the archetypal forces at work in this world at the moment that a client came into this world. I generally don’t work with transits during sessions but I keep them in mind. With both tools, I interpret a few of the archetypal forces at work in their lives in a way that makes sense to the querent.

Basically, I study the archetypes and I find that, like dreams and meditations, Tarot cards and astrology are both rich with archetypes and offer a multitude of interpretations.  This type of study is as complicated as mathematics, except that we dip our consciousness into our intrinsic, intuitive levels and bring back information and images. The intention you hold as you work with these esoteric tools opens the mind up to possibilities beyond our waking levels of consciousness. The additional information deepens the intellectual and intuitive aspect and gives the counselor more to go on. As strange as it may seem to some, intention also invites the archetypal transpersonal world (whatever it is) to participate in a dialog with you through these tools.

Northwest Astrology & Tarot SalonAt the salon at Breitenbush, there will be intuitive artists, who have earned their stripes from a lifetime of developing themselves. Each one has many years of experience. That said, one should still look at the healing arts scene with buyer beware eyes and an attitude that is playful. You are shopping about looking for answers but ultimately you need to keep your own counsel. You will get a session and an interpretation of your life challenge. Keep in mind that interpretation is an art form because of its openness to all ideas as valid (in some way). Maintain awareness that your session is the artist’s interpretation of your question and situation. The interpretations of astrologers and tarotists will vary dependent upon the education, experience, personality, life orientation and personal development of the person doing the reading.

As an added bonus, the mystique and healing environment at Breitenbush is revitalizing. Recent literature and scientific studies validate what we know intuitively is true, that being with intention in a forest sanctuary is healing.  Several Japanese studies gathered evidence supporting the efficacy of what they term “forest bathing” as a natural therapy by investigating its physiological benefits using biological indicators in outdoor settings. (For more in-depth information about this phenomenon, see the “published article” Forest Immersion Experience on my personal web site.)

Overall, the natural environment at Breitenbush gives event participants a Nature’s healing type of experience that is best observed and experienced with mindfulness and a relaxed attitude.

Intellectually, there will be two, two hour conversations a day by the Conversation Leaders. Bonnie Cehovet a longtime professional friend has written the profiles giving us a clear and concise picture of our Conversation Leaders’ talents and accomplishments.  You can get a more complete profile of each of the conversation leaders at the web site www.nwsalon.com

The rest of the time during the salon, you can get a massage, walk in the woods, and dine on healthy vegetarian food. There is a sauna and several hot tubs. This is a place whereby you leave your watch at home. And because of this salon, you can get an interpretation of the archetypal energies in a Tarot layout to answer your utmost passionate life questions and an astrology interpretation of the planet configurations at the time you were born.

The salon is open to the explorer, the teacher, the student and many other archetypes. If you want to learn something that will facilitate your personal growth, or you have wisdom to teach, then this quiet and introspective event is for you.

For your exploring pleasure, we have a line-up of Conversation Leaders, see www.nwsalon.com, all master magicians of the esoteric arts for the experiential part of the salon. Many of the Conversation Leaders will also be giving sessions in their cabins. I can envision their cabins all decorated up with scarves, bedspreads, lights, smells…..and music.


Toni Gilbert is a transpersonal counselor with a background in holistic nursing. As a professional with a formal education in nursing, psychology, transpersonal studies, and certifications in wellness counseling, mind-body consciousness, guided imagery, the use of imagery in medicine and more she offers clients an array of healing arts techniques to enhance wellness and prevent illness. In addition to an associate’s degree in nursing, she has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and art, including undergraduate classes in Jungian psychology. She continued her interest in art and its symbolism in a graduate art therapy school. She holds a master’s degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.
Toni’s first book is entitled Messages from the Archetypes: Using Tarot for Healing and Spiritual Growth, published by White Cloud Press. Her second book, Gaining Archetypal Vision is published by Schiffer Books. She has written for national and local publication. You may see her published articles on her personal web site.
Ms. Gilbert maintains a personal web site www.tonigilbert.com and the Northwest Astrology & Tarot Salon site at www.nwsalon.com  She was the founding editor of the Alternative Journal of Nursing and the founding director for the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.
In the recent past, Ms. Gilbert worked in the field of mental health nursing and owned Centre of Main St., a wellness center in Jefferson, Oregon, where she saw clients and facilitated therapeutic groups. In addition, she has taught psychology at two community colleges.
You may contact Toni through her web site at www.tonigilbert.com and E-mail toni@tonigilbert.com
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Robert Volkmann and Me

By Toni Gilbert

In the late 90s, I opened a Wellness Center and then began looking for others with whom to connect and network. Robert and I met at an alternative practitioner’s gathering. He and his wife Diane had an interest in meeting others of like-mind. Robert was a physician and Diane was finishing a degree in massage therapy. This fit nicely with my own orientation as a registered nurse, but what really interested me was that, like me, Robert worked with his dreams and experimented in altered states through meditation. He was also an extraordinary astrologer.

robertLiving in rural Oregon has its benefits but, people who study the esoteric arts are few and far between. Sure, I had read many books by great authors in religion, philosophy and psychology but I knew no one in this area who understood our world the way I did; Let alone worked with their dreams and took trips into their unconscious mind to explore the images and feelings there. I was also a budding astrologer and he was already accomplished in that area. Of course we continued to connect and resonate with each other, e-mail and phone conversations. The relationship has never been of the romantic genre, but one of shared interests and discoveries.

In one shared exploration with a psychic channel, we were told that we had been in four lifetimes as sages in the Orient. The past life pattern was showing up this incarnation as well. We talk for hours on the phone and in person about personal explorations and we e-mail frequently. Whatever the reality, after over a decade of communiques, we continue to explore our worlds together.

Robert Volkmann In my book “Messages from the Archetypes” I wrote about our continuing e-mail work with dream interpretation. We enjoy exploring the astrology of the moment, individual birth charts and he works with astrological progressions, which I can’t wrap my mind around but find it interesting just the same. Another big plus is our medical/scientific backgrounds give us even more territory to cover and a common foundation for our intellectual work together.

Robert’s sun in Virgo and my sun in Gemini are in positions that form a square angle. It is thought that this position is difficult and we have found that to be so. In the beginning of the friendship, it was difficult for us to communicate and be understood. We haggled over definitions because we used entirely different terminology. Thus we spent a lot of time discussing perspectives and trying to understand what the other was saying. Even with this handicap we enjoyed our intellectual meanderings. Nowadays, we have formed a common vocabulary and it is much easier. One way that you can tell the relationship is more synchronized is that Robert has stopped e-mailing me in all capital letters, a sure sign that he was annoyed.

With a lot of earth in our natal astrology, Robert and I also like to garden outdoors and each of us has a large collection of indoor plants. We have different kinds of plants in our houses….of course.

Angel trumpetsThe first time Robert showed me his Angel Trumpets, the sight of their striking beauty and the aroma sent my senses soaring. They exuded the most angelic of energies and I was instantly transported to a higher feeling state. Robert gave me a special small plant of my own, but because I’m not good with highly sensitive plants, it died. With a natal Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus, I love Mother Nature and resonate with plant life and working with the bounty of colorful herbs and flowers. Robert knows how I love the Angel Trumpets and he tells me when his are about to bloom. At that time, I go to his house to be transported into heaven once again.

Pictures are worth more than words. I have included pictures that Lewis and I took of Robert and his Angel Trumpets.

angel-trumpets-2Photo credits: Robert portrait and Robert and Toni in conversation Lewis Judy and the Angel Trumpet pictures by Toni Gilbert (2012)
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This and That 3

Toni Gilbert, Transpersonal Counselor www.tonigilbert.com

Hi everyone,

Time sure seems to travel fast when you are busy. I try to put the skids on the ole “doing” thing but somehow things find me and beg to be done. Then, I am sure that there are things that would be bad karma to ignore. So, what’s a person going to do? My summer was filled with family, and friends, as well as canning and freezing of our garden harvest and tending to my pets…the flowers. Life is good and I am blessed.

The following a list of what I’ve been up professionally that might be of interest to you.

New Articles on Toni Gilbert.com

TGrandmother Moonhere are two new articles on the “published articles” section of my web site www.tonigilbert.com: Grandmother Moon which is about an evening of self-care when the full moon inspired me to meditate and visualize healing. Lewis took the above photograph from inside our two person tub, the night of my experience with the moon. I left that part out of the story.

The second article is about the therapeutic effects of the Breitenbush experience. It is aptly entitled Forest Immersion Experience: Mother Nature Promotes Introspection and Healing. This article was the inspiration of my co-author Lynn Keegan, PhD, RN AHN-BC FAAN a founder of the American Holistic Nurses Association. She visits our holistic organization in Oregon from time to time and has fallen in love with the Breitenbush experience.

Lynn will be our guest speaker this year at the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association (see dates below). She is the author of numerous books in holistic nursing . This year she will be discussing her newest book and interest, The Golden Room: A practical guide for death with dignity.

My New Book

Abby Wilson 1910I’m still hard at work on the new book about my family that has the tentative title of Images of Our Time: A history and pictures of a pioneer family.  I just finished restoring about 300 pictures that my grandmother, Lilly Wilson Curtis, took as professional photographer at the turn of the last century. She was a teacher and a photographer before she married my grandfather. In those years, you either had a profession or you married and had a family. She chose my grandfather (luckily) but she had her camera ready during their homesteading years and beyond. It is a treasure trove of images for our family and I think others will enjoy it too. I ‘m working on the text and it is all falling in line with a flow of synchronistic happenings…coming together in a magical way. So, it will be completed soon. The picture at the right is my grandmother’s sister, Abby.

My Published Books

Archetypal MandalaGaining Archetypal Vision and Messages from the Archetypes  The main aim of these books is to educate caregivers to the potential of learning to counsel with the archetypal images of Tarot cards (and other modalities that use the human archetypes.) For instance, I believe that Tarot cards can help provide a therapist or counselor with a pictorial assessment of the client’s state of mind. The cards illustrate the emotional investment a client holds and indicates various ways to help him or her to access inner levels of consciousness for insights and solutions.

How does that work? Basically, each of us has the same energetic structure that, not only gives us life but, also informs us on how to respond to life. There are many models of how this energetic structure is configured but the Freud/Jungian sits well with my experience: The conscious mind and the id take care of the world we see out there; the earthly level.  On one hand, the unconscious mind is a personal reservoir of experience unique to each individual. It is the structure of the psyche that autonomously organizes personal experience. Then there is the collective unconscious, also a part of the unconscious mind. It has a universal and impersonal nature. These levels of consciousness are identical in all healthy individuals. The collective unconscious accumulates and organizes personal experiences in similar ways, but it does not develop individually. Rather it is inherited, consisting of pre-existent energies known as archetypes.

If you know yourself at deep transpersonal archetypal levels, you can guide others to find these other dimensions of themselves. Using the archetypes is a transpersonal journey of great importance to your growth, development, and overall well-being.

During the counseling session, I am deeply involved in the process of active listening, becoming receptive to intuitive impressions and honoring the sacred by focusing my awareness on the synchronistic collaboration between spirit, self and other. I also have faith in the flow and trust that the creative process will unfold for the benefit of the client….and it does.

Oregon Holistic Nurses Association

Lotus budOn another note, the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association is holding its annual conference and retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in October.

Yours truly is heading up the Fundraising: In addition to a book sale and auction, I will be there with my cards giving Archetypal Tarot Counseling™ sessions to benefit the organization.

All holistic practitioners are welcome. Breitenbush is truly a healing place but it is also a place of teaching and a place of rest. Take your pick.

Book Review

Jesus of Nazareth ZealotI like to study religions not only for their historical perspective but for the perennial wisdom that runs through every one of the wisdom traditions. So, when the book Zealot: The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan came out, it was a must read. The fact that the author is an internationally acclaimed scholar of religion was even better. Someone who actually puts in the time to study religions is, not only credible but, much better at explaining all the events in a way that is grounded in the reality of their research into historic data banks. Of course, I take in the fact that they are writing from their perspective/interpretation and are not necessarily bearers of the “right” truth of the actual events.

The book did not disappoint me. The first few chapters described the times that Jesus lived; the landscape, the people, and the culture. It was very much like today, with the various factions fighting for their beliefs. The fundamentalists clung to olden beliefs as if those truths were the only right ones and the more liberal factions espoused a new vision of truth. Both archetypal sides had people who were passionate about what they believed to be true. Such people are known as Zealots because they pursue their path with zeal…or conviction.  Of course “zealot” is an archetype and as such would have different levels of consciousness or development.

The author’s portrait of Jesus and others are vivid and believable.  As the story unfolds the history of the region is interwoven with the characters of the New Testament or the Hebrew Bible. For example, The author tells us that Jesus’ brother James, was a good and just man, who went to great lengths to keep Jesus’ teachings pure after his death. Paul, a major player in the formation of the Christian religion, saw things differently and added a few touches to help people understand the story…. or for political reasons.

All in all it is a darn good read and I recommend it to everyone….Christian and non-Christian.


Lastly, I find beautiful images on the internet. Sometimes they have a photographer’s name and sometimes not. If you are an author of an image posted here, let me know so I can give you credit. A big THANK YOU to all of the artists, for you improve our world with your art.


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This and That

This and That 2
by Toni Gilbert

Life is good here in the Mid-Willamette Valley; the sun is shining, the birds are calling to their mates and there is a mighty flurry in the oak and cottonwood trees surround our property.

Lewis built our chickens a big pen with lots of grass inside so that they won’t scratch around in my flowerbeds. It can be quite disheartening to see the damage they do but, what can I say, they don’t have a clue about flowers. At this time of early spring, with no flowers up, I do occasionally allow them into my space because there are all kinds of baby slugs and newborn bugs. I figure it is just another way they earn their keep.

My brother, Tom Gilbert, is staying with us to recuperate from liver cancer. So far, so good, the most recent test shows no evidence of his cancer. I give him energy work, Tarot counseling and good meals complete with multi-vitamins and supplements along with a good dose of D3. He is reading one of Dean Sluyter’s books “The Zen Commandments” and a couple other equally enlightening books. He is learning to rest when his body feels tired and is noticing his guilt when he does. He is also out in Nature working in my very large yard.

The grandchildren are growing at an enormous rate and I feel that our time together is going too fast.  My grown children, complete with their challenges, are physically strong and mentally and spiritually healthy. Who could ask for more?

Workshop Offering

If you are thinking of getting certified in Tarot Counseling, now is the time to get signed up for my Archetypal Tarot Counseling(TM) course http://www.tonigilbert.com/workshops/. It is three years long and is focused upon the use of Tarot cards in wellness counseling. You need not be a nurse to benefit from this perspective. We meet physically three times. We begin at the end of June. This year we will meet in the Temple of Claire and then will meet for the next 2 years at Breitenbush www.breitenbush.com .

Also free on the workshop page: A print out of a chart that compares the Chakra system with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

My Book in Progress

My great-grandparents on both sides of my family pioneered in the Oregon/Washington territories. Currently, I’m working on a coffee table book of my maternal grandmother’s photos. My grandmother was a professional photographer and a teacher before she married at 27. After which she stayed home…but had her camera. She left a treasure trove of photographs from homestead life. This one is of my uncle Lewis who was born in 1912. I have been working with Photoshop to restore the hundred year old photos. It is a fun project and I expect to have the pictures and the text done by the end of this year. Then I will check with my current publisher Schiffer Books and we shall see…..

Bay Area Tarot Symposium

It was good to see new and old friends at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium. I was so impressed with the line-up of speakers that I wrote the article San Francisco Bay Area Tarot symposium: An Intuitive art Comes of Age for Perspective, magazine The Associations Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology October/November 2012.

This article is about the maturation of the Bay Area Tarot Symposium and of Tarot as an intuitive art. It is also a call for Tarot cards to be recognized as a profound tool with which to move our consciousness toward a more transpersonal vision in mental, physical, and spiritual health. If you are interested in giving Tarot reading or counseling a try, there is a sidebar that lists a few top tarotists and contact information.

You might also be interested in my article Astrology, Tarot and Maslow: Using the Esoteric Arts for Self-Development for Perspective magazine of the Associations Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology.

In this article I use the Christine Payne Towler’s New Moon Tarotology system, Maslow’s pyramid and my evaluation method for the archetypes in counseling. The use of these esoteric tools together with an intuitive interpretive process gives you an idea of how to use the archetypal energies that are available to us at any given time.

Holistic Nursing

I’m really proud of our fledgling Oregon Holistic Nursing Association, an organization that I helped birth into being. Please join us at our 7th annual retreat and conference October 13-16 at Breitenbush Hot Springs www.breitenbush.com. The theme this year will be “Facilitating Conscious Transitions Through Holistic Practice. ” For more information and registration, please go to the events section of our web site: www.oregonholisticnurses.org. You don’t need to be a nurse to attend, all holistic practitioners are welcome.

My personal site www.tonigilbert.com (#43) and the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association web site (#34) were mentioned in Best Nursing Sites of 2012. Both, I and Deonne Wright the current OHNA director, had a hand in developing www.oregonholisticnurses.org site. Go to the sites and click onto the blue logo to see who else is there.

I’m seeing more of an easy interest in the use of Tarot images in wellness counseling. I have promoted its use for over 10 years to holistic nursing, humanistic and transpersonal psychology and the alternative community. It was rough going at first and, in the nursing world, sometimes my requests for an interview or presentation were ignored. However, the like minds in the profession kept me going. So far this year, I was invited to do a radio interview with holistic nurse Elizabeth Scala (see Radio) and next, on the third Saturday in May, I will present “Using Archetypal Symbols as a Therapeutic Tool” to the AHNA Oregon Chapter of holistic nurses at Portland Community College. One of the challenges of holistic nursing is to demonstrate the change you want to see in the world.


Two new radio shows are up on my personal site at www.tonigilbert.com click on “radio”. They are Tarot Works Radio Show with Jeanne Fiorini where we discuss the body/mind connection, archetypes, healing, and personal potential. And my first nursing radio show Living Sublime Wellness Radio Show with Elizabeth Scala.

And a third special offer from Global Spiritual Studies my book “Messages from the Archetypes” and a radio interview not offered on my web site. This one is with Linda Marson skyping me all the way from Australia. Check it out on http://globalspiritualstudies.com/shop/shipping-rates/books/messages-from-the-archetypes/.


Many years ago, I wrote poetry as a healing exercise when I was working through childhood issues and gaining spiritual perspectives. Lately, I have been publishing them through the newsletter of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association. You may see some of them by going to the web site www.oregonholisticnurses.org and clicking onto the newsletters. I will share one with you here. I wrote this in my journal after observing and being taught about Zen by my small furry guru.

Ode to the Cat
Oh, to be like the cat.
She cares not for where
She’s going
Or what happens to her.
The cat cares nothing for where
She’s been.
She lives in the moment
And is her own best friend.
Toni Gilbert, 1978

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Book Review: Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole. Author: Robert Moss

By Toni Gilbert, ASN, MA, ATC

Dreaming - The Soul Back HomeThere are many paths to enlightenment. One such path is the inner journey, the dreamer’s journey, a journey that consists of levels of consciousness beyond what we know as waking reality. These levels of consciousness contain the images of fierce and gentle creatures, young and old selves, past and parallel lives as well as a multitude of abstract multisensory experiences.  In this great little book, the author Robert Moss teaches the reader to use the mysterious dreamtime. He touches on recognizing symbols and synchronicity and leads us through the dreamer’s world, showing how to connect the dots between our inner imagery and our life stories.

In the introduction Robert Moss reminds us that we are more than our body and brain. He shows by examples that we have stories going on in our heads during our current circumstances and that those stories guide us in our life.  He says that somewhere along the line of living, we forget our life’s purpose and get lost. It is then that we run into all kinds of trouble. Because bad things happen to us, we lose our vital essence and we may feel bad and want to die. It is during the tough times that a part of us may actually succeed in dying. This is what is known to shamans as soul loss and to the mental health professionals as dissociation. From a lifetime of independent scholarship and experience and a quarter of a century of dedicated practice, the author gives the reader an antidote to this problem.

Robert Moss begins by giving us the history and practice of shamanism. Basically, the shaman is a spiritual practitioner who has mastered the art of journeying beyond the body to communicate with spirits and souls of both the living and the departed. He/she does this to facilitate their healing. Typically the shaman are dreamers, who receive their calling from dreams and become frequent travelers to the Dream time. For instance, they may use their dreaming to diagnose a patient and select appropriate treatment. Moss describes the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung as a shaman of the West and goes into detail about how Jung used information from the unconscious mind to craft a depth psychology in which dreaming is central.

Moss provides us with a history of dreams and perspectives from several cultures from the Old English and Scottish to the Hawaiian. As a plus, the author writes about, Carol, his dream partner of twenty years and tells how they work and dream together.

There is a section on understanding soul loss. Briefly, he says at our interior, we have a multitude of selves and we must build helpful bridges between them in our self-healing. Dreams reveal these selves that are aspects of psyche that may have been dormant or missing from waking consciousness. The dream itself is your doorway into a past situation that caused the soul loss. Reentry into the dream is important to reclaiming your vital energy and becoming whole.

The author helps the reader learn to use techniques and images of the tree in raising consciousness and in grounding. The use of projection of the animal spirits is also covered, illustrating the power of transfiguration in the reshaping of our energy bodies into animal bodies for the purpose of using their instincts for life learning. One chapter is all about horses in our dreams. There is a discussion about the condition of a horse in a dream as symbolic to the state of our bodies and our vital energy.

Moss’ book discusses soul loss in terms of trauma in early childhood. Another chapter’s theme is how to find and talk to the lost inner child ensuring that they return to your body in present time. There are tips on how to welcome the lost part home and how to use dreams after the recovery. The author tells of inner guides and mentors, which come to our aid during the dreaming.

The author describes how to use ritual and dreams in deep ancestral healing; healing all the family across multiple generations. The author states that our ancestors live in our bodies and that their templates may control our habits and behaviors unless we recognize and break the pattern or mold. The goal is to cherish soul connections to wise ancestors, and even have relationships with them, but we must start by clearing unhealthy legacies and energy attachments.

Part of the book is devoted to entering a secret library, a portal, from dream or memory that will allow you to move in your imagination to a place where you can access any kind of information that interests you, and any subject that attracts your attention. You may even be able to look in your “Book of Life”, the book that will help you know more of who you are, including your connection with personalities and sacred contracts in other lives, past and future. The reader will also learn how to use Tarot cards to trigger images of past lives and to “free our imagination and expand our understanding of the many aspects of the self.”

Then there is information on Dream Archaeology, which involves melding the best tools of analysis and scholarship with the experiential techniques of active dreaming. Moss claims that we can enter the life situation of personalities in the past or future who may be related to us in various ways—as ancestors or descendants, our larger spiritual families and as embodied aspects of ourselves living in other places and times. Moss claims that we embark on these journeys of the imagination “becoming more than we ever were before, embodying more of the Greater Self.” He ends with a discussion on “spiritual enthronement” and says that growing the soul requires courage and an open heart to take the creator’s leap and bring something new into our lives and our worlds.

Throughout the book there are multiple meditation exercises. For example, there is a journey to the cave of the animals and one about birds that is used for time travel. The chapters also include many stories to entertain and teach the reader. Not only does this book deliver, but it is easy to read and the stories and meditation exercises illustrate the author’s dreaming processes. This book is a “must read” for the intermediate student of the inner realms, the experienced practitioner looking for more.

Toni Gilbert, ASN, MA, ATC is a transpersonal counselor with a background in holistic nursing. As a professional with a formal education in nursing, psychology, and transpersonal studies, she offers clients an array of healing arts techniques to enhance wellness and prevent illness. She is the author of Messages from the Archetypes: Using Tarot for Healing and Spiritual Growth, published by White Cloud Press and Gaining Archetypal Vision:A Guidebook for Using Archetypes in Personal Growth and Healing by Schiffer Books. She has written for national and local publication. You may see her published articles on her personal web site www.tonigilbert.com She is also the founding director of the progressive Oregon Holistic Nurses Association www.oregonholisticnurses.org  serving California, Oregon and Washington.

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A Night to Remember with James Wanless

The “Voyager” deck by James Wanless was one of my greatest discoveries for wellness counseling with Tarot cards. They have just the right blend of contemporary symbolism for clients to relate to effortlessly. Around 2002, as I was writing my first book “Messages from the Archetypes” I felt the need for professional advice in the area of marketing and publishing and so I phoned Dr. Wanless. He was patient and generous with his knowledge and we became easy friends.  He liked the way I intertwined healing modalities in a Tarot counseling session and heartily endorsed my book. After that, we corresponded primarily through e-mail.

In 2010, we had the opportunity to meet face to face when he came to Portland during his professional rounds. We had lunch and afterward he gave me a Tarot session. As I recall, over lunch we discussed a multitude of subjects that were of interest to each of us. However, during the session, because I was the querant drawing the cards, I am sure that he found out more about me than I knew of him.  However, I had used his Voyager cards for many years by then and, because our work is an extension of our selves, felt like I knew James at a deep level. It was like spending time with an old friend…one whom I had just met…if that makes sense.

Two years later, he was making a run through Oregon and I contacted him to see if we could meet up again. To make a long story short, he had time to make an overnight stop at my place. My husband of over 40 years, Lewis Judy, and I invited him to dinner and gifted him with an over-night stay in the Temple of Claire with breakfast in the morning.

When we saw James drive up, Lewis and I walked out the front door onto the steps to greet him. With his cell phone, James snapped a picture of an unusual sight in the dry summer: over my shoulder and off in the distance there appeared a rainbow. It was a beautiful little rainbow starting at the tree tops, shooting upwards, and disappearing into the clouds. Since I see the symbolism in everything, the moist colorful display held a message. For me, rainbows represent loving feelings and relationships.James & Toni I’ve had more than a few synchronistic experiences with rainbows and because of my particular way of seeing; I immediately thought that maybe the environment was mirroring my feelings of seeing James again.

Lewis, James and I had dinner talking all the while. After a dessert of apricot pie, Lewis stayed in the house to do the dishes (it was his turn). James and I went out to my office-temple where we could look at books, decks, and discuss the state of the world. I showed James my article in Perspective magazine, “Astrology, Tarot, and Maslow” and discussed my latest reviews of my newest book “Gaining Archetypal Vision”, which can be found here.

Toni & JamesWe were talking about the underwear, paint color and art on the wall when Lewis burst in with camera in hand. He began snapping pictures of us from all angles. He got off a number of shots in before I could stop him. I was a little taken aback by his spontaneity and quickly explained to James that “Lewis likes to take pictures.”  I told Lewis, “You should ask permission before you take pictures.” Then, I further explained that Lewis is in the habit of taking candid pictures of family and friends, who aren’t bothered by his creative ritual.

James & Toni DiscussionAfter a short discussion, James agreed to pictures. This brought out the fun-loving child in each of us. First, James thought that he and I should sit closer together. And so we rearranged ourselves a bit and began showing off. In the perfect fool archetype, James grabbed a deck from my table, which happened to be Doreen Virtue’s “Life Purpose” Oracle cards. He chose my card “Infinite Abundance” which stated something about the Universe supporting me as I devote myself to my life purpose. When Lewis felt he had enough pictures he left us…probably to go look at his cache.

When the energy settled down, we began talking about James’ new deck “Sustain Yourself Cards”. He brought the deck out but wouldn’t let me spread it out to look at the pictures. He told me in an honest matter-of-fact way that he didn’t want to just sit and watch me look them over. He found that boring.

I understood that the theme of the deck was based on a philosophy of sustainability. Each Sustain Yourself card is an oracle with a message about Nature and our human survival on this planet. The archetypes are expressed as direction or movement as well as concrete images. Dr. Wanless believes that it is more than necessary, indeed an imperative, that sustainability becomes a dominant lifestyle to ensure our futures and our very survival as a species.

As James held out the large 100 card oracle deck, he told me to “Ask a question of Nature”.

My approach with any deck is from a spiritual perspective because of the synchronicity and flow of intuitive ideas that come from stimulating the archetypes. Toni & James - Deck of CardsI understood that I was about to speak to Nature Itself and so felt honored for the opportunity. With my heart set on the occasion, my query was about how to approach my relationship with grandchildren in a less mother-hen-type way. The card chosen was “Green Road” and “Path”. The image immediately brought to mind that my life was a path with heart and grandchildren were an integral part of that path. My life is my spiritual path and so when the children presented themselves, I accepted with gratitude. This path with the children teaches many things, but at this time, it is teaching me to live more in the present moment.

James said a few things but I was lost in thought and so don’t remember his words. (I understand the present moment to include many dimensions of our consciousness.)  Later, I looked his interpretation up in the book accompanying the cards. The passage “Revere and be one with the earth as your church and temple. Nature is your sanctuary, wisdom guide and inspiration.” I loved this. There were some sentiments about the ecology of pure clean energy and resources…Yes, we work at that.  Then I read, “Seek your natural rhythm, uncontaminated by any toxic mental conditioning.” To me this meant that I should pay attention to what I could control and what I can’t. If I can’t have an effect, then I should not worry about what grandchildren are doing or not doing. Once more, I made the commitment to detach and stay in the Now.

In the morning, as James, Lewis, and I were at our round breakfast table, Sara, our daughter and the children came in to start the day. Sara joined us at the table and the kids found something else to do. The conversation was pleasant with lots of ideas still flowing. Finally, I gave James a two day supply of fresh apricots to take with him as we bid him adieu.

That was Friday morning.

Later, Lewis and I had an avalanche of company and things to do. We entertained until Saturday evening. We were tired but satisfied that we had done our best to work at the higher energies of consciousness (also known as gracious living). I was ready to relax. I sat in my favorite spot in the living room and picked up James’ new oracle deck. After a careful study of the cards, I find they satisfy both the intuitive feminine feelings in imagery but also the masculine linear mind for information.

Exhausted but happy, Lewis and I were looking forward to Sunday because we like to take one day off a week, just to give our multi-dimensional selves a break. I was feeling the energy of the let go, when I drew a card. I was immediately struck with its accuracy.  I laughed and called Lewis, from the other room, to come look at the card. He said, “Just a minute, I will get my glasses.” I told him, “You don’t need your glasses, come look.” He took one look at the card, which was entitled “Nothingness” and “Openness” and the white blank page. He laughed, hugged the card to his breast, rolled his eyes heavenward, and loudly stated, “YEEEESSSS!”

Then, I looked up the Wanless interpretation and related to this: “Give yourself space and call for a time-out, go blank with no agenda, with no plan.” Yes, indeed.


James Wanless James Wanless, PH.D was a distinguished university professor in the Middle East when he experienced a life-threatening disease which led to a spiritual transformation.  He relinquished his academic career and began to share his new found wisdom and inspiration.

James Wanless is a futurist and pioneer of new thinking and recognized for weaving timeless wisdom into modern life with intuitive tools and symbolic systems. He is the noted creator of the best-selling modern classic, “Voyager Tarot” and the author of “Way of the Great Oracle, Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century” “New Age Tarot”

and “Wheel of Tarot.” In addition to his “Sustain Yourself Cards,” he is the author of the classic “Little Stone: Your Friend for Life. James is a master tarot reader with over 30 years’ experience. You may reach Dr. Wanless at www.voyagertarot.com

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A Facebook conversation with James Fadiman

A Fool’s Report

As a concerned alumnus, I revisited the web site of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) to see where things were in regards to its transition that includes a name change to Sofia University. Apparently, change was permanent because there it was on the web as Sofia University. On the same page, James Fadiman’s name appeared as the founder of the school. I recognized his name as being one of my Facebook friends as I see his posts on my newsfeed from time to time.  Facebook has a cool feature, a place for sending messages.  With a few clicks, you can contact any of your Facebook friends and leave a message. Like an archetypal fool, I spontaneously contacted Dr. Fadiman to ask about the change. This is how the conversation went:

Dr. Fadiman responded: “Sophia University it is. Already enrollments are up, especially in the PH.D. program which had been slipping as well as most of the masters programs. We have been approached by universities in China and Switzerland for student/faculty trades and close affiliation. It looks like being the “first transpersonal university” was a good decision. How does that sound to you?”

Still in fool mode, I bluntly told him I didn’t like the change and asked: Why a Goddess name? I was also curious as to why the name change would affect enrollment. Dr. Fadiman wasn’t aware of it being a Goddess name and instead told me the name was selected because it was a Greek name meaning wisdom and an Arabic word meaning beauty. He carefully explained that enrollment was up because people would rather attend a University instead of an institute, and because the word institute rarely means a place to get a graduate education. He also reported that the name change was the most trivial part of the expansion and upgrading that was under way. “For openers,” he said, “we are doubling the physical size of the school.” Then he said, “As so many former students were sure that the name change would destroy the school forever, it is nice to see what is actually happening.” and happily wrote “Bob Frager and I see this as finally moving ahead on our larger and original vision.” Lastly, he asked if I was coming to the festivities in October to celebrate the changes. “Bob and I will be doing an event called, Extending the Vision on the 18th of October. The Official event will be on the 19th, both probably in our new Auditorium next door to the current campus.”

“Sophia is the Gnostic Goddess, who is God’s other half.” I complained that I and others had been working hard to get the transpersonal concepts out into the world. Why not change the name to something with the words transpersonal and university in it. But, not one to carry on and stick to my guns when there is nothing more that can be done, I signed “Oh, well, change happens.” Then I told him that I can’t travel much due to the recession and mentioned the Bay Area Tarot Symposium where I will be a presenter.

James wrote back, “Right you are. I always forget that monotheistic Christianity has a few Goddesses’ tucked away in odd corners.” He was sorry I couldn’t attend the schools festivities and thought the conference I was attending sounded great. He continued, “I assure you that the transpersonal is not being lost but actually will no longer confined to “psychology,” a word with a lot of connotation’s about other things. Bob and I never intended it to be limited to psychology, but we had to start somewhere.”

Not one to be deterred easily, I said, “How about the “University of Transpersonal Studies” which, “I” thought was much better suited to the school and its subjects. I continued, “Sophia is not a Goddess tucked away in odd corners…she is quite prominent in history” and corrected, “I believe that Gnostics are Gnostics and not Christian, although, the first Christian church was founded by Gnostics who were going against the grain.” Then I relented, “Well,” I said, “I shouldn’t criticize because I am not there and doing the work.” I felt a final shift of a let go and said, “Good luck on your endeavor.”

James responded, “We are all doing the best we can. Your idea was one of those considered by lots of people and didn’t make the final cut. Let us pray to Sophia for wisdom and let the rest of the work be done by them who are paid to do it.” Then he asked, “Did you do a Tarot spread to see what ITP/Sofia will need from you?” He went on to reminisce about a reading he did for a woman who later became his wife. He said, “Powerful stuff in them little decks” and then admitted that he is “often the Fool flying off that cliff.”

I wrote back that, the little deck was indeed powerful and that I use it in wellness counseling that usually guides people to consult their higher Nature and that it was, indeed, quite empowering. I also said that I knew the Fool archetype well, that is why I ended up as an ITP student. I also took his advice and did a Tarot spread and asked the question suggested. I used “Wizards Tarot” deck by Corrine Kenner.

An hour later, I reported the results of my reading to James:

First card, Past: King of Pentacles a rather grumpy looking King, which I thought was me about the name change (see picture above).

Second card, Present: 4 of Pentacles (reversed). This was me willing to accept the name change and move on.

Third card, Future: Moon of the major arcana. The author’s interpretation was read after I gleaned any intuitive hits from the image on the card. When I read her interpretation, certain things stood out. The woman on the card was called “Professor of Lunar Magic” that embodies the qualities of the maiden, mother and crone. Even though she is ready to give birth, her hair is silver (That’s me. Except for the long lanky sexy look and those shoes would kill my feet.). In her right hand is the talisman for Pisces (my rising sign) representative of intuition and psychic ability. In her left hand is the Hebrew letter goph which means “the back of the head” a reminder, according to the author, that things can be felt and not seen. The interpretation also prompts one to be aware of the shadow side of the moon. A concept that must be kept in mind at all times.

Because my moon is in the 10th house, I felt reminded that, indeed, I’m here, at this place and time, to be a teacher of lunar magic.

This felt incomplete for the question and so I drew the next card: Ace of Cups, which I understand to be the purest aspect of heart.

I wrote to my friend about the spread and then wrote, “I guess what ITP/Sofia needs from me is love.”

Jim liked the reading and the answer and likened my statement to a popular song with a similar refrain: “All We Need is Love”.

He went on to write about his adventures into LSD therapy sessions and his use of the Rider Waite Smith deck. “At the end of the sitting for someone LSD therapy session, when they were about to go home, I’d give them one Tarot card and ask them to tell him about it.” I wondered if he had recorded the reactions of people, on LSD, to the card images. I would love to read about this!

When the conversation felt done, I drew a card from the “Sustain Yourself” deck by James Wanless. I drew “Purification” also entitled “Creative Chaos.” Perfect. The card is about questioning everything and doing things in an un-premeditated and unpredictable way…just like this conversation. The image on the card depicted letters flying off one page and into space….probably the internet where they would compose themselves again on the other end. The accompanying little book counsels the querant to “get out of your mind and follow the spontaneous impulse. Acknowledging your body and its feelings and its crazy wisdom—the genius of the fool.” Somehow there was a spontaneous harmony, a creative chaos to the exchange. I felt listened to and I was ready to move on.


James FadimanJames Fadiman, B.A. (Harvard) M.A., Ph.D. (Stanford) has held a variety of teaching consulting, training, counseling and editorial positions. He has taught in psychology departments at Brandeis and San Francisco State, design engineering at Stanford, and for the past three decades, at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology that he co-founded. He has written textbooks, professional books, a self-help book, a novel, and a series of videos, Drugs: “The Children Are Choosing” for National Public Television. His books have been published in 8 languages. He had had three solo shows of his nature photography. He sits on two non-profit boards as well as having been the president of several small natural resource companies. He has been involved in researching psychedelic experience when it was legal and subsequently and recently published “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys”.

Also see this article about James Fadiman “The Heretic”.

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