Tarot, Birth Cards, and You: Keys to Empowering Yourself

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Tarot, Birth Cards, and You: Keys to Empowering Yourself

Bonnie Cehovet’s birth card system forms a frame of reference to study opportunities and challenges that you will face during your life. At the beginning of the book, the reader uses numerology to add up the numbers of his/her birthday to arrive at a life-time symbol—the birth card. This birth card is the symbol of our personal expression in the world—our personality.

Once you add up your birth number, you then use the book to find the Major Arcana that is your birth card. Next, the author suggests tools, like affirmations and visualizations to further your understanding of this major archetype in your life’s path.

The entire concept was familiar, but I had not explored it to any deep degree. This time, I was looking forward to the opportunity to use this tool to receive insights, and learn more about myself at deeper levels. Tools like birth cards help us have clearer understanding of our life’s journey. As I understand development, the final challenge begins as we lay dying and so, we are never too old to use this type of tool.

At 64, I have become comfortable with who I am and spend less time exploring the depths for nuggets of wisdom. However, as I held the book in my hands, I was excited at the prospect of the learning which archetype represented my personal journey. Which of the archetypes of transformation would it be?

My birth card turned out to be Temperance, number 14 of the Major Arcana. Well, this caught my attention! Temperance is the cover card on my newest book “Gaining Archetypal Vision”. What a coincidence. But wait. Was it?

As I see the world, it is full of synchronicities big and small. If the meaningful coincidence is big enough to catch my attention, I use it as a sign for something. In this case, it symbolically signaled that I should pursue this path of investigation. Also important on an exploratory path, I always listen to how I feel. If it feels good to pursue this path—I go for it and if it doesn’t feel right—I stop.

I felt right about the path and after the synchronicity; my curiosity was piqued even more. I began reading the author’s interpretations and a couple of sentences stood out from the rest. “Healing through the insight brought by Spirit. Healing is occurring on both the physical and the spiritual levels.” One of the main focuses of my life has been on healing the mind, body and spirit. Healing myself first, and then offering what I know to facilitate the healing of others.

I didn’t relate to any of the questions for Temperance, probably due to the fact that I have passed my second Saturn return and have integrated my life’s experiences to a good degree. What I mean is that I am fairly well healed. But, I needed a question. So, I closed my eyes in search of one from my inner self. The question came to me: “In what part of my life do I need to bring healing?” Immediately, I was reminded of my current personal challenge (Challenges are never ending.).

I related to all the affirmations but changed the wording of the last one to read: I see the Divine in all things.

Then, I read about journeying, I decided to give that a try too. In my office-temple, I sat down in my recliner, and placed my book with the Temperance cover card before me. Over a cup of hot tea, I contemplated the image of Aphrodite in the imagery of the Temperance card. When I was all warm inside from the tea, I leaned back and closed my eyes.

After first blessing the four directions and feeling gratitude for my life in this time and space, I waited for imagery to appear in my mind’s eye. The first mental impression was of a different Tarot card that depicted an angel pouring water from a silver cup into a gold one. I immediately understood. To me, this indicated that a developmental journey was in process, and that during this process, I would continue to grow at the upper levels of my archetypes. The water pouring from the cup represented all the emotions that push our development from a lower level of consciousness (silver), to a higher one (gold). This was a new insight. From now on, when I say I’m in my golden years, it will have a broader meaning.

As I finished contemplating this message, another image appeared from the depth of my imagination. Aphrodite returned with her vessel of water and began pouring it out over my chest. The healing stream went directly to a spot below my sternum. It was then that I realized the tea had given me heart-burn. Well, that was neat. You just never know what will happen during imagery sessions. Never-the-less, the lesson of the water as healing was not lost.

Ah, yes, the lessons of Temperance are many. And I would say that this archetype of balance and integration, with its many levels, has been prominent in my life and will continue to be. The birthing process is on-going.

I added up the numerology a bit further and the Hierophant was Temperance’s companion card. As I read the interpretation for the pair, I easily related to the “tone” these archetypes place on my life: “The path that the individual walks is one that addresses the lessons of choice and personal growth.” Yep, that’s me. I agree with the rest of the paragraph too.

Well, that was fun. Next I am going to look up the birth cards for my family and friends and see what that brings.

All in all, Ms. Cehovet’s book delivers an easily accessible tool for growth and development for anyone. This book is easy to follow and use and it works. You can explore other decks, or you can use the beautiful Tarot images by Karyn Easton that are included. Like any study of the archetypes, it can take you further in your ability to walk your life’s path with grace and consciousness.

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