Health As Expanding Consciousness

Toni Gilbert


Global Spiritual Studies presents:
Introduction to Health as Expanding Consciousness
This is the first of a series of webinars on transpersonal psychology with Toni Gilbert, a holistic nurse and transpersonal counselor. Toni’s expertise in the healing arts includes guided imagery, therapeutic touch, meditation, Archetypal Tarot Counseling™ and dream interpretation.
An understanding of developmental psychology extends our knowledge of how consciousness expands and grows, and how we develop ourselves. This is a necessary component to help clients understand what their next steps might be.
In this first session, Toni discusses growth and developmental steps and how our consciousness expands to include more insights as we mature into self-actualizing beings. Notes and a bibliography for further reading are included in the price of this webinar.
Only 23 places are available in the “virtual” room, so register now to ensure you have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion.
The webinar will be recorded for later sale, and participants in the live session will have free access to the recording.
Time: Wednesday 25 May: 6pm – 6.50pm USA Pacific time
Cost: AUD $14.99. The recording will be available for AUD $10.99
Toni on Jerry Pippin Radio
Here is a free pre-recorded interview on the Jerry Pippin Show. It is less than 30 minutes and gives you an update on what is going on in Toni’s life as well as her thoughts about her upcoming book “Gaining Archetypal Vision” and the new webinar series.

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