Do you view astrology as a belief system?

I don’t see astrology as a belief system, although I am sure some see it that way. I see it holistically, and more of a way to view the world, a perspective that is broad and inclusive. It is an art and so the information is subject to the perspective and intuition of the astrologer (and their developmental level). The archetypes of astrology have many traits that can be seen as light and shadow aspects. I see the archetypal attributes on a continuum from negative to positive. All levels of the continuum are Divine. When practiced with a broad view, astrology is a spiritual interpretive art form. For more about how I practice, read this article about the Healing Arts on my personal site

While Sun sign astrology is a starting place, it does try to lump the individual into a certain set of traits. One has to consider the rest of the chart, the development of the individual, transits and so on. Astrology is a complicated art and takes many years of study to understand. So, if you have just started, don’t give up. Read books by Liz Greene and Robert Hand to understand the archetypes better.

I try not to have any solid belief system because when you come to conclusions and believe in something, it closes the door to further explorations. I find astrology a fascinating study and who knows, it might even be right on. In my use of it, it has a positive effect on people in that it tells them that they are indeed a part of something grand and Divine….the entire cosmos. That is a new perspective for some. Toni

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5 Responses to Do you view astrology as a belief system?

  1. Papa says:

    I am not sure what your question is asking. For me, astrology is a form of devination like terot, I-ching and numerology. For me they are guides of tendencies rather than statements of absolutes.I like to use them as tools for understanding what others are communicating verbally, posturely and by activity. I do find these tools quite helpful when I am supporting someone who is seeking to experience some soulful mending. These tools are just part of an array of tools that I use when working with others.

    In all of my reading I have yet to come up with any substantial written work that advocates a concrete interpretation for any of these forms of devination.personaly I feel to use these tools as anything but guides is folly fraught with peril.

  2. sonja simpson says:

    Thoughtful comments….and well taken. I believe that there are many systems for a person to come to understand the why and reason for things……but they are only systems or guideposts….one is left to free will. My experience in systems is that I would seek an absolute answer…..and be frustrated when I did not recieve that. What I believe the system of astrology (very complex and ancient ) or tarot or ? is that one is given information that helps one to guide them to deal with a situation or evaluate something or think something thru. All answers lie within….these systems help to guide one to an eventual undertanding. Hard to put in words….!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom Toni…always appreciated! Sonja Simpson

  3. Kathy Oddenino says:

    Toni, I do not see astrology as a belief system, but true astrology is a method of studying the nervous system of the Universe, which of course we must know much better than we do now if we want to protect Earth and the human beings that make Earth their home. I specialize in the nervous system of the human being and I can see the relationship of our nervous system to the Universal System each and every time that I work with the human body.

  4. Sonny Nickas says:

    Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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