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Global Spiritual Studies - Toni offers a webinar series of useful information for your personal growth as well as your counseling practice.

Toni has been interviewed by Linda Marson. Find out what Toni has to say about Gaining an Archetypal Vision

Authentic Messengers Radio - June 6, 2017
Toni is interviewed by radio host Catherine VanWetter about how Toni sees the archetypes in our world and how she uses them in her transpersonal counseling practice.

Mary Nale’s radio show with Attune Magazine - January 1, 2015
Toni talks about insight-producing modalities such as Tarot, astrology, dream interpretation, and other shamanic tools to enhance your life.

Living Sublime Wellness Radio Show - February 8, 2013
In this 30 minute segment, Elizabeth Scala, nurse wellness coach, interviews Toni about her path to an alternative nursing practice and they discuss how Tarot cards facilitate a counseling practice.

Tarot Works Radio Show with Jeanne Fiorini
Jeanne and Toni Gilbert talk about the body/mind connection, archetypes, healing, and personal potential.

Toni Gilbert and the Archetypes on Beyond Worlds Tarot Radio - March 18, 2012
The host, Donnaleigh La Rose and Toni discuss how understanding archetypes can help you (and your clients) heal through tarot. What is an archetype? Listen and find out and understand the essence of your deck and the psychology of your clients just a little better.

The Jerry Pippin Show - May 5, 2011
Toni is on Jerry’s show to discuss her upcoming book “Gaining Archetypal Vision” and upcoming webinar “Introduction to Health as Expanding Consciousness”.

Toni has been interviewed by numerous radio stations. The following are several of her favorite interviews.

It's in the Cards Radio Show
Toni and co-host Jerry Pippin discuss many issues and then Toni uses Tarot cards to counsel clients about relationship, career and health issues over the air.

You may listen to the Jerry Pippin show at


NuLife Radio with Dax Carlisle & Mark Reed - September 10, 2010
NuLife Radio
Dax interviews Toni by asking a number of questions from himself, Mary Nale, and Bonnie Cehovet. Christine Payne Towler surprises us by tuning into the interview and giving us a call. Bonnie Cehovet also calls in with some personal insights and an analogy of how Toni works with the cards.

KBOO Community Radio

Times for Pathways: (Sundays 8:30 am, 90.7 FM)

Toni is interviewed by Paul O'Brien host of Pathways, a weekly interview program, which focuses on issues of personal and cultural transformation. Paul is also the visionary CEO of an interactive divination internet site.

Dating and Relating, Show

Dating and Relating, Show--All about relationships with hostess Andrea Wylan. Join us for this interesting interview, lively interaction, and insightful information about how to use Tarot cards in relationship issues. Includes an on-the-air Tarot session.

Jerry Pippin Talk Show

In this 6-27-04 interview with Jerry Pippin, Toni talks about her upcoming seminars and current book about transpersonal counseling and holistic nursing. In addition, Toni reads the Tarot cards for Roberta Scott, Jerry’s in studio producer and Jerry takes the plunge too.

News for the Soul: Summer 2004

News for the Soul program with hostess Nicole Whitney. An online archive of radio broadcasts that will feed your soul, ignite your spirit, engage your mind and empower your life!

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