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Private Phone and E-mail Consultations

Easy and convenient, the following on-line sessions allow you to receive counseling in the comfort of your own home. Here’s how to make an appointment:
  1. Email me with an explanation of your special needs.
  2. I will reply with an initial cost-free assessment.
  3. An appointment will then be scheduled for a full hour consultation.
  4. You may request that the session be taped and mailed to you.
$150 per session

Wellness Counseling

Osho Zen Tarot, © Osho
International Foundation, Switzerland.
Medicine and psychology both recognize that mental and emotional processes affect the body. Your attitudes, as well as environmental circumstances, affect your physical health and play an important role in your treatment.

During the first session I do an initial assessment of your personal strengths and how they might be utilized to help heal your condition or disease. Together we determine which complementary interventions would be right for you. We then work to develop a plan of care, including goals and treatment outcomes.

Follow-up sessions support and guide the creative healing process towards optimum health.

Archetypal Tarot Counseling™

Clients who are in crisis, due to illness, injury or difficult life issues can be helped by Tarot, an archetypal system of imagery, which can be used for raising consciousness and achieving insights. As a trained counselor, I use the Tarot cards to accurately uncover your present states of mind and assist you in finding answers to your questions.

During the phone session, I ask you to shuffle your cards and lay them out your table describing the images. I help you relate the images to your question and life situation. I may also ask you to close your eyes and see an image from your imagination. You will end up with several images to provide a point of focus for you to meditate upon and receive insights.

Tarot of the Spirit, © US Games

Dream Interpretation

Osho Zen Tarot, © Osho
International Foundation, Switzerland.
The concepts and processes of exploring dreams provoke an understanding of life’s issues, including illness and injury. Dreams hold information about spiritual realities, self-development, and archetypal themes, which can affect the health of your body as well as your mind.

Dream work can easily be accomplished through E-mail. Send me your written dream and I will write my intellectual and intuitive interpretation at a waking consciousness level. As I meditate upon you and your dream at a deeper level of consciousness, I will often receive imagery for you as well as further instructions about the issue that are not readily apparent in your dream or in waking consciousness.

You may choose to work with me regarding your dream over the phone. With this method, I may ask you to close your eyes and meditate upon the images in your dream or draw upon new images such as inner guides.

Disclosure Statement:
Counseling offered byToni Gilbert through this web site is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment or psychotherapy but is complementary to other treatment you are receiving. If you are under the care of a primary healthcare provider, he or she will have first consideration in any decisions regarding your care.

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